Transparency For
Today's Complex Market

Meet Luminex®, a new trading venue created by a consortium of leading investment management firms that seeks to lower trading costs, enhance the transparency of trading protocols, and deliver improved performance to clients.

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Luminex Trading & Analytics combines innovative and advanced trading technology with sophisticated analytics and functionality designed to enable today’s buy-side trader to more efficiently source block liquidity.


It’s what buy-side traders want. It’s what Luminex strives to deliver.

Block Discovery

Innovative trading technology helps prevent fall downs by combining required minimum block quantities and the option to negotiate for increased order size.

Controlled Trading

Transparent trading rules and protocols help protect trade anonymity and minimize information leakage.

Competitive Pricing

Luminex reinvests profits to improve technology and lower trading costs, creating an opportunity to pass on savings and potential improved portfolio performance to clients.


Organized as a consortium, Luminex Trading & Analytics is focused on executing large block-size orders with as little market impact as possible while looking out for the best interest of clients.

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