Trade With Confidence

Luminex® is built to address market pain points such as lack of trust, alpha destruction, information leakage and lack of transparency. Here’s How.


Real change starts with more innovative technology. Luminex’s key capabilities include negotiable orders, order state management, and analytic & filtering tools that help buy side firms:

Help Prevent Fall Downs

Negotiable orders enable pristine large block discovery.

Hybrid Order helps eliminate information leakage by prohibiting fall downs, produces a block-sized execution with every match, and allows negotiation for more size

20 Second Size Up allows traders to consider larger block than initially matched

One Print with execution price weighted near midpoint at the time of initial match

Control Orders

Order state management & alerts work on your behalf.

Monitors and analyzes market conditions and lets you set protective bands to trigger alerts

Trader-friendly blotter displays order state details and relevant analytics

Automated Order Protection ensures matches only occur under trader-specified market conditions

Alerts traders of negotiation opportunities and verifies when their orders are eligible for matching based on preset conditions

Proactive Governance

Buy side owned, with only buy side subscribers

Alpha retention as primary goal keeps incentives aligned

No high frequency traders, retail/broker dealers or proprietary trading creates fewer conflicts of interest

Web-based analytics and charting to drill deep into market conditions


Alpha Retention

Reinvested excess cash flow, minimal execution costs and reduced market impact for traders can translate to direct savings for clients.

Transparent Trading

Transparent rules and protocols minimize information leakage and protect the anonymity of customer trades.

Access to Liquidity

Access to a pool of natural block-size liquidity and the ability for buy-side firms to create their own definition of pristine liquidity.

Market-Leading Technology

Access to market-leading technology and an enhanced user experience for traders.

Less Fragmentation

The consolidation of block-size trading liquidity helps increase market integrity and reduce fragmentation.

Greater Collaboration

Sets precedent for asset managers to work together to create market-driven solutions, and strengthen the buy-side’s voice in the market.


Luminex features an independent, self-contained, secure and scalable physical infrastructure, redundant data centers, primary and secondary servers, and is fully provisioned to handle well above 3x anticipated daily volume.