What Is Luminex?

Luminex Trading & Analytics combines innovative and advanced trading technology with sophisticated analytics and functionality designed to enable today’s buy-side trader to more efficiently source block liquidity.

Efficiency. Transparency. Control.

It’s what buy-side traders want. It’s what Luminex strives to deliver.

Block Discovery

Innovative trading technology helps prevent fall downs by combining required minimum block quantities and the option to negotiate for increased order size.

Controlled Trading

Transparent trading rules and protocols help protect trade anonymity and minimize information leakage.

Competitive Pricing

Luminex reinvests profits to improve technology and lower trading costs, creating an opportunity to pass on savings and potential improved portfolio performance to clients.


Real change starts with more innovative technology. Luminex’s key capabilities include negotiable orders, order state management, and analytic tools. Here’s what our system can help buy-side firms do:


Organized as a consortium, Luminex Trading & Analytics is focused on executing large block-size orders with as little market impact as possible while looking out for the best interest of clients.

Meet Our Owners


Luminex orders are pegged, for matching purposes, to the midpoint of the NBBO. A subscriber may designate a limit price for each order. Orders must have a time-in-force of either IOC or Day. There are three quantities associated with a Luminex order:

Luminex offers subscribers additional order instructions, including:

Minimum Execution Quantity

The minimum contra order size against which the subscriber's order can interact.


Prevents the subscriber from crossing against a contra order from their same account.

Order State Management

Allows a subscriber to prevent crossing against a contra order unless the market meets client-configured conditions.

Help Prevent Fall Downs

Negotiable orders enable pristine large block discovery.

Hybrid Order produces a block-sized execution with every match, plus the option to negotiate for more size
20 Second Size Up allows traders to consider larger block than initially matched
One Print with execution price weighted near midpoint at the time of initial match

Control When You Need It

Order state management & alerts work on your behalf.

Monitors and analyzes market conditions and lets you set protective bands to trigger alerts

Trader-friendly blotter displays order state details and relevant analytics

Automated Order Protection ensures matches only occur under trader-specified market conditions

Alerts traders of negotiation opportunities and verifies when their orders are eligible for matching based on preset conditions

Our Management Team


Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Luminex Trading & Analytics LLC, Jonathan was the Managing Director…

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Chief Compliance Officer

Prior to joining Luminex Trading & Analytics LLC, Jim was Vice President of Compliance…

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Head of Product

Prior to joining Luminex Trading & Analytics LLC, David was a Director at Pico Quantitative…

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Head of Sales

Prior to joining Luminex Trading & Analytics LLC, Brian was a Senior Global Relationship…

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Luminex Trading & Analytics Owners

Our owners include 9 of the largest and most trusted investment management firms in the world. Collectively, they manage 48% of U.S. Fund Assets. Source: Strategic Insight Simfund/FI Desktop as of 12/31/2015

Our Board

Paul Whitehead

Managing Director, Head of Americas Equity Trading

BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.

Peter Stutsman

Global Head of Equity Trading

The Capital Group

David Lane

Head of Global Equity Trading


Nathaniel Evarts

Managing Director and Head of Trading, Americas

State Street Global Advisors

Mehmet Kinak

Global Head of Systematic Trading.

T.Rowe Price

Advisory Council