Happy Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since Luminex launched, and I must say that I could not be prouder of who we are, where we came from, and most important, where we are going!

I’m sure you know the story about where we came from.  This ATS was created in direct response to the frustrations and distrust that so many buy siders had with the ATSs that preceded us.  As the fines levied against those venues mounted and settlements continued to pile up, the buy side collectively said, “Enough is enough” and decided to do something about it by creating Luminex, an ATS whose two primary cornerstones would be trust and transparency. We carry that mantle proudly and we take the responsibility quite seriously.  These two core principles drive who we are, how we think, and the decisions we make each day.  As to where we’re going?  Well, I absolutely love the direction we’re taking.

Business at Luminex continues to improve.  More orders per day translates into more shares traded. But we still have plenty of work to do on that front.  We continually strive to create better engagement with all of our clients. We want to help more users to embrace who we are and what we are trying to achieve. You may have heard me use this expression before, but those users who “wrap themselves in the Luminex flag” are the ones who have the best success on our platform. They absolutely understand what we are working toward, and thus make Luminex a part of their daily routine.  That includes: exposing numerous orders to us each day, being patient, preferring to trade with us whenever there is a match, and sorting through multiple matches to choose us as their executing broker.  Given a choice, this group chooses Luminex.  For all of us here at Luminex, it’s awesome to watch clients engage in this way.  We’re convinced that doing the right thing for the buy side provides value to our traders above and beyond the clean block liquidity – and that more and more clients understand that.

Yes, our goal is to continue to move everything ‘up and to the right.’ For that to happen, we need to continue to invest in our platform, which is exactly what we’re doing.  For example, we’re very excited about our new UI, which is coming to a theater near you soon!  We’re calling it UI 2.0 (clever, right?).  It’s more intuitive with better graphics and alerting, and it should make user engagement even easier. And we continue to listen to client feedback.  The feedback and guidance on this and other improvements will continue to be an integral part of us getting better.

The past three years have been a whirlwind. I would like to thank all our subscribers, with a particular shout out to our most active Luminex participants.  You have been amazing.  You heard our story and appreciate what we are trying to achieve each day.  With your help Luminex has become a dedicated block trading destination with an average natural block trade size of 30k-40k shares, which typically leads FINRA’s block category month after month! For those of you whose engagement has been intermittent, we’re working to get you in the mix more regularly.  For those still on the sidelines due to integration or other issues, please know that Brian and his team will continue to try to get you into the fold here at Luminex.  Everyone has a part to play in this platform’s success.

I look forward to our 4th anniversary as we continue pursuing our mission of bringing greater trust and transparency to the trading process.



Jonathan Clark
Luminex Trading & Analytics LLC

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