• Luminex vs. ATS Average Block Size: In the 10K+ AND $200K+ category, the Luminex average trade size was 63% higher than the combined average for all ATS venues, 84% higher in the 10K+ category and 67% higher for $200K+ (see chart below).

  • Luminex Rank: Luminex had the highest average trade size in both the 10K+ AND $200K+ & 10K+ categories, with 52,406 and 51,351 shares respectively (excluding DealerWeb).


FINRA Block Trading Statistics – June 2017

FINRA Data Source: https://otctransparency.finra.org


Are ATS block volumes increasing? We think so. 

Since January 2017, total off-exchange volume has increased by 12%; however, much of this increase is due to rising levels of off-exchange volume executed away from ATS venues. Non-ATS off-exchange volume ― published under FINRA as “Other OTC” ― is up 17%. ATS volume is up just 3%. Still, despite relatively lackluster ATS volumes, ATS block volume does seem to be rising. ATS block volume has increased on a shares-traded and percentage of total ATS volume basis. In fact, June 2017 turned out to be the highest block volume number reported by FINRA this year, and the second highest since FINRA began publishing block volume data back in August 2016.




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