• Luminex Average Trade Size (Record): The Luminex average trade size in each of the three block categories hit an all-time high. The average trade size in the 10K+ AND $200K+ category was 69,299 shares, and in the 10K+ and $200K buckets, the average trade size was 67,432 shares and 47,597 shares respectively.

  • Luminex Block Market Share (Record): August 2017 was a record month for Luminex block market share. Luminex market share for the 10K+ AND $200K+ category reached 3.5%, and 3.1% and 2.9% in the 10K+ and $200K+ categories.

  • Luminex Block Market Share (MoM): Month-over-month, in the block categories mentioned above, Luminex block market share increased by 21%, 22%, and 20%, and by 69%, 75%, and 68% versus June 2017.

    Data Source: https://otctransparency.finra.org and Bloomberg


In August FINRA Block Trading data, Luminex average trade size hits an all-time high … 69,299 shares!

Block Average Trade Size by Venue

Average Trade Size & Market Share Luminex Records

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